Against the Giants

The adventure so far: In module one, the party was commissioned by the local Lord of the land, Sir Robert the Fair to raid a nearby Hill Giant base for 2 major reasons. First and formost to stop a recent series of raids on his lands by roaming bands of giants. Second, to find out the reasons behind the strange alliance between the normally warring Giant kind.

Chapter 1: The Steading The party located the Steading by enlisting the help of a local by the name of Ren. Ren lead the party to the steading, where he then betrayed them to the Giants, who were then able to put up a stiff resistance now that the element of surprise was lost. Ren at this point dissapears, presumably still under the employ of the giants. The Steading was eventually won, but also found was a strange chain ring, which was found to be a teleport device, sending its travelers instantly to a frozen wasteland. Also found in the steading were a few strange weapons, made of a black metal and were shown to be magical in nature, but later seemed to lose that aura.

Chapter 2: The Glacier Using the teleport chain, the party was deposited on a frozen wasteland of a glacier. This was the home of the deadly Frost Giants. Near the entrance, the party found a strange creature trapped in the ice, for presumably a very long time. This creature turned out to be a living construct, very magical and divine in nautre. He identified himself as 1337, and offered his services as a cleric to the party as he deemed their quest to be just. The escaped Hill Giants were able to warn the Frost Giants so they were not quite as unprepared as the first giants were. Many battles were fought, and it was here that the Hill Giant Jarl was slain. Little was discerned about the mastermind behind the attacks, however more strange blackened weapons were found. Also it became obvious that Ren was still with the giants, and building devious traps to hold up the party. Most notably, the party finds a huge, White Dragon living here. Though it seemed to have no allegience to the Giants the party decided to engage the Dragon in combat. An epic battle ensued, the Dragon using its magic of untold centries and power unleashed a mighty whirlwind of a blizzard. Limiting visibility to nothing, and would have destroyed any lesser being instantly. However, the party, using ancient magic of their own countered by using a powerful wish to end the hellish torrent. The Dragon, now sensing its danger and emminent demise chose to consume most of its hoard and bury the rest. Soon after it was brought down, and the mighty White was slain. In an effort to gain more knowledge of a Dragon’s anatomy, an attempt was made to harvest the heart of the Dragon, which caused a great magical burst of energy disintegrating what remained of the Dragon and signaling its mate, the great Gellydius; and imense White Dragon, countless centuries old. Perhaps as old as Taliel itself. Torn with grief the Great Wyrm decended upon the party, who managed to escape just as a white sheet of death decended upon the ruins of its mate’s former home.

Chapter 3: The Volcano In the glacier, the party also found a mechanisim which was able to teleport them near to the Fire Giants great volcano laier. Afer a few hard fought battles the party finds a small shaft, which they found emptied to a cavern much deeper in the volcano. There they fought more monsters, and some giants. Then, the party discoveres a gigantic cavern wheren a great Red Dragon was waiting. Again the party showing no fear engages the Dragon. And this is where we find ourselves to date, in a dire situation. The fighter, now pinned in a battle with strange dark elves and having his arms immobilized by devius magic. The Ranger slowly weakening by the automatic defense mechanizims of some indigionous ropers. The cleric, Dwarf Ranger and wizard are trying to defend against a deadly ooze. The partys only hope now lies in the hands of fate, and the Rogue who has yet to show himself.

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